....Baskent University has started quality management related applications and research in '93 along with the commencement of the university itself, and since '95 we have been officially serving as Total Quality Management Center, connected to the office of the rector.

This center is being ruled by a committee consisting of senior administrative members of the university appointed by the office of rector.

....The objective of this center is, to constantly improve educational and administrative quality management aspect of the university as a whole including the faculty, vocational school centers connected with the university, language school and health organizations. This center works with project preparation, collective research and educational/training activities of private and public organizations and also in cooperation with international organizations.

....Total Quality Management Center of Baskent University has played a key role of all quality aspects of the university including all health establishments ('97), higher education organizations ('98), and on obtaining the university's ISO 9001 certification procedures. The Center has held many conferences on health and higher education subjects and published results on domestic and foreign periodicals.

....Starting with the university's switch to education/training activities, total quality management courses is being offered at MBA level post graduate students, after '99-'00 school year, the center has started to offer quality management courses to its bachelor level students.

....Total Quality Management Center, will continue its service and studies under the name of "Mithat Coruh Quality Management Center" after November '05 onwards.



Quality management

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Our Quality Goals

1. Continous self development and helping others to achieve the same.

2. Quality conscious thinking and high productivity, throughout the organization.

3. Improvement of communication, collabration and teamwork within departments.

4. Gaining solution oriented thinking, instead of problem producing attributes.

5. Improvement on creativeness.

6. Increasing motivation of employees.

7. Creating the possiblity and background, for implementation of ideas and vision.


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